3 different styles you can perfect with our shine spray

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Shiny, healthy hair is the end goal for so many of us – and there’s no denying reflective, radiant strands are a timeless look that never goes out of style. But how are you supposed to achieve that if your hair doesn’t have a naturally glossy finish?

The key is seeking out the best anti-frizz products and thankfully, Nexxus has entered the chat with its brand new shine spray. Aptly named Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray, this anti-humidity spray is so much more than you’d expect – firstly because it’s not a finishing product. Instead, it’s one you apply to freshly-washed, wet hair. Second, it has clever heat activated technology that works to shield each and every strand from moisture and humidity, while being completely weightless, leaving nothing in its wake except long-lasting, intense shine.

Formulated with Nexxus’ proprietary STYLEPROTECT technology, as well as offering a 72-hour humidity shield and 48-hour frizz control, there’s also heat protection up to 450°. It’s also color safe. A microshine complex – made up of pearl extract and sunflower oil – creates prismatic shine and smoothness.

So if you’re wondering exactly what styles you can try to really make the most of Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray, here are a few ideas…

Sleek and straight

Achieving sleek, straight hair – which is often referred to as glass hair – can actually take quite a bit more effort than other styles if your hair isn’t super glossy naturally. But, using Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray can take away a bulk of the hard work thanks to its built in shine-enhancing properties. The bonus heat protection means if you do need to use a hair dryer or flat iron to nail glass hair, you can be confident it won’t have a negative impact on your hair’s health.

Textured shiny waves

If you want a more relaxed, beachy vibe, Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray can help with that too. This style doesn’t naturally lend itself to shine – often because salt sprays, hair sprays and other texturizing products needed to create the look can dry out hair. However, a quick spritz of Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray will help add a luminous, fresh-looking, sunkissed finish to your textured waves, making them look chic and incredibly soft.

Mirror shine up-dos

Whether you’re creating a slick-back ponytail or a sleek ballerina-esque bun Nexxus Epic Shine Anti-Humidity Spray is the key product that’ll help you achieve a glossy finish (yes, even if you’re working with day two or three hair). The 72-hour built in humidity shield combined with 48-hour frizz control means once you pull your hair back, you won’t need to worry about unwanted frizz. Try finishing the style with the Nexxus Slick Stick for extra hold and even more shine.


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