Volume secrets hairstylists swear by

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Big hair with epic volume comes naturally for some, but if you have fine, thin or more sparse hair, it can be harder to achieve.

Luckily, it’s not an impossible task: with the help of a few expert styling tips and tricks and a few excellent products that deliver on their claims, long-lasting volume is very much a possibility, whatever your hair type. It really doesn’t require tons of effort, either.

Here, we spill the styling secrets that industry experts swear by…

Get a layered cut

Easily one of the most overlooked steps to achieving impressive volume is asking your hairstylist to cut in lots of layers. It’s a tip experts often recommend because layers help to create the illusion of volume: they add both movement and texture to hair, making it appear thicker and more voluminous. Plus the different lengths also allow for added natural bounce and body – ideal.

Tease the roots

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book for good reason. Teasing or backcombing hair helps to boost volume thanks to the technique involved: gently combing hair against its natural direction right at the root creates a cushion effect, lifting the hair and giving the appearance of increased volume. Protect the health and strength of your hair by investing in a backcombing brush and ensure you don’t overdo it – a few quick teases will give you lift while minimizing damage.

Choose volumizing products with added benefits

Mousse is one of the easiest ways to boost hair’s volume and bounce – and Nexxus Volume Medium Hold Mousse delivers 4x more fullness for long-lasting body without stiff strands or sticky residue. And with STYLEPROTECT Technology and color-safe ingredients, it looks after your hair’s health, acting as a 72-hour humidity shield.

Volume-focused hairspray is another effective and easy way to add lasting volume to limp locks because it involves just one product. Try the new Nexxus XXL Volume Medium Hold Hairspray. The clue is in the name – as well as being a shine-boosting, medium-hold hair spray that’s used as the last step in your styling routine, it also holds super mega volume for up to 48 hours. Yes, you read that right: two days! Like all products in Nexxus’s new styling range, it’s infused with the proprietary STYLEPROTECT technology that encapsulates every strand of hair with weightless protection. This increases your volume’s lasting powder while keeping hair healthy. Watch our tutorial here for using Volume Medium Hold Mousse and XXL Volume Medium Hold Hairspray together to create gorgeous volume.

Blow-dry strategically

The way you blow dry your hair can make a huge difference to your levels of volume. It’s why you’ll often see stylists flipping hair upside down mid-blow dry or using a round brush to help create lift at the roots. Try implementing one – or both – of those tricks into your routine next time you wash your hair, remembering that the end goal is to achieve volume at the top and roots while smoothing the lengths.

Use rollers

Velcro or hot rollers are a true stylist favorite for creating volume in clients’ hair. After blow drying, wrap sections of hair around the roller of your choice and allow it to cool – the cooling is crucial for ensuring the hair sets with added volume and bounce. Velcro rollers are gentler on hair and much easier to use, but hot rollers will help provide long-lasting results, so choose whichever are best for your individual needs and hair type.


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