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We harm our hair daily with brush battles, color treatments and heat-styling. But luckily there’s a scientifically-approved way to transform your tresses to their healthiest version without much hassle: the new Nexxus H4 complex. This collagen, keratin and elastin-infused formula is so incredible, we decided to include it in all of ourshampoo and conditioner formulas. Its power lies in restoring and protecting the four signs of hair health: moisture, strength, shine and elasticity. Let’s dive into the science behind this new complex, and how it makes achieving lustrous locks easy.

Why moisture matters

Hair-health starts with moisture. When your hair is dehydrated it behaves differently: it becomes staticy and unmanageable, making it hard to hold your favorite hairstyle. On the other hand, well-moisturized hair tends to be softer, smoother and easy to deal with. Our new H4 healthy hair complex will restore and protect your hair moisture. How does it work? Moisturizing ingredients create a micro-barrier around the outer cuticle, sealing in weightless moisture and natural shine. The formulation passes through the hair's inner core, restoring strength and elasticity.

If you’re looking to regain your hair’s lost moisture, start in the shower. Featuring our new H4 healthy hair complex and formulated green caviar and elastin protein, our silicone-free Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo and Humectress Ultimate Moisture Conditioner will weightlessly hydrate every strand for up to 24-hour moisture.

The science behind strengthening your strands

The main characteristic of healthy hair is a well-maintained protein structure that makes it more resilient and less prone to breakage. However, when any type of damage happens to your hair, the keratin protein is compromised. Protein-rich products, such as our Keratin Keraphix Damage Healing Treatment Mask will restore your hair’s protective barrier and strengthen your damaged locks.Infused with the healthy hair complex, keratin and black rice, it willpenetrate deep to strengthen your stands at the innermost core.

Adding shine to your strands

Healthy hair reflects light. When your strands are healthy, they’re also flat and smooth. This sleek surface works like a mirror to reflect light and makes your hair shine. However, when you color-treat or use excessive heat, the hair shafts will weaken and become dried out and prone to damage. This affects the cuticle, or the outer layer of hair that is responsible for its health.

Our new H4 complex with collagen, keratin and elastin protein will smooth out the cuticle, help keep your scalp healthy and maximize shine. Included in our Epic-Shine Anti Humidity Spray, it will nourish and protect hair from heat while giving you shiny and silky strands.

Enhancing elasticity for easier styling

Elasticity determines your hair’s overall strength and is key to preventing breakage. It allows your hair to stretch and return to its original shape without breaking while you’re combing or brushing. If your hair is well-hydrated it’s also more elastic, flexible and easier to style. That’s because it’s more pliable, which means it’s easier to shape and create great looks.

Nourishing your hair with collagen, keratin and elastin-rich products, gently brushing and avoiding excessive heat that can affect your hair’s protein structure will enhance your hair’s elasticity. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to wave goodbye to hot-tools. Using the right temperatures as well as heat protectant spray with nourishing ingredients, like the Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray will prevent heat damage and condition your hair to help it retain moisture and avoid breakage.


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