Multi-colored orbs representing amino acids are shown against a rose-gold background.


Anytime damage occurs to the hair, bonds break and amino acids are lost from the outer cuticle layer. Our Amino Bond collection features our PROTEINFUSION™ blend infused with 5 breakthrough amino acids and keratin protein for hair. This powerful, 5-part formula with glutamic, cysteine, histidine, serine, and glycine amino acids repairs up to 2 years of hair protein loss to rebuild broken hair bonds and generate new bonds at the innermost core, restoring hair from within.

Therappee Humectress - Elastin Protein + Green Caviar

Elastin Protein +
Green Caviar

During the day even healthy hair loses moisture naturally, leaving it dull and lifeless. Enter Therappe and Humectress which is infused with our exclusive PROTEINFUSION blend of green caviar + elastin protein to go beyond moisture to restore nutrients in every strand. This system is designed to give dry hair deep hydration while fortifying the surface, restoring natural protective barriers that lock in moisture for 24 hours.

Close-up image of ingredients

Advanced Keratin +
Collagen + Biotin

With 40% less protein than thick hair, fine hair is 10x more prone to breakage. Our experts created our Unbreakable Care™ collection to strengthen fine hair by harnessing the power of Arginine amino acids, which have nearly 2x more inner core-strengthening properties. We used these findings to source natural proteins that are high in Arginine amino acids and created a system with Advanced Keratin Protein, Collagen, and Biotin to deliver stronger, fuller, thicker-looking hair.

*vs. non-conditioning shampoo
A microscopic view of the various ingredients are shown in a container sitting atop a pink background.


Coloring hair may damage and deplete your natural proteins, making hair less vibrant, dull, and flat. Using advanced protein science, Nexxus scientists identified the amino acids that make up the proteins lost most during the coloring process: Cysteine, Glutamic Acid, and Serine. With this discovery, Elastin protein and Quinoa were chosen as key ingredients in our Color Assure collection’s exclusive ProteinFusion™ blend for colored hair care. Both ingredients are naturally rich in the same amino acids lost during the coloring process. This blend replenishes essential natural proteins, offers hair color protection, and keeps colored hair vibrant for up to 40 washes.

Almond protein and jasmine flower ingredients are shown among droplets of water against a blue background.

Almond Protein + Jasmine Flower

Environmental factors and repeated heat styling can cause damaging cracks to the outer layer of the hair cuticle, which allows excess moisture to penetrate and swell the strands, causing frizz. Our exclusive ProteinFusion blend containing almond protein and jasmine flower gently moisturizes from within to strengthen from the inside out while repelling outside moisture, for smooth, sleek strands.

Protein helix of black rice Nexxus Protein Fusion.

Keratin Protein +
Black Rice

Hair's structural integrity can be compromised by bleaching, chemical processing, and heat styling, leading to damanged, dull strands. Our signature ProteinFusion blend of Black Rice and Keratin Protein works to replace Glutamic Acid lost during processing and strengthen hair from the inside out. The result? Healthier-looking, shiny hair in just one use.

Close up view of Nexxus helix of hair proteins of elastin and marine minerals.

Elastin Protein + Marine Minerals

Experience the ultimate hair protein treatment with our range of products enriched with a blend of Elastin Proteins and Marine Minerals. Inspired by nature, these ingredients work in synergy to detox hair and scalp from impurities, restore balance, and promote a luxurious, shiny, healthy look. Both hair and scalp are left purified and revitalized.

A bottle of Nexxus Blonde Color Assure Shampoo is shown lying next to two dollops of purple shampoo against a dark pink background.

Keratin Protein +
Violet Pigments

Bleached hair can sometimes have a raised protective outer layer, leaving it more vulnerable. Blonde Assure helps tone brassiness while leaving colored hair nourished and full of vibrant shine. Blonde Assure purple shampoo and purple conditioner both use our unique ProteinFusion blend with keratin protein and violet pigments to correct brassy tones and enrich bleached, platinum, or silver hair to give a natural or intense look to any blonde shade.