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Our story began in 1979 when our founder Jheri Redding, scientist, cosmetologist and inventor of the modern day conditioner, made known his pioneering belief that when hair was treated with protein it became reinvigorated with life.

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    Our Heritage

    Today, Nexxus continues to pioneer and innovate, creating salon crafted hair care that eclipses expectations and delivers extraordinary results, using cutting-edge science, inspired by nature’s most powerful ingredients.

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    Our System

    Our Creative Director Kevin Mancuso is at the lead of the hair industry. Given his extensive career as stylist and trichologist Kevin has an innate understanding of care, styling and technical skills. His understanding of hair structure, quality and movement is unsurpassed.

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    Our Founder

    Our founder Jheri Redding is credited with many firsts in the hair care world: pH balanced shampoos, the use of vitamins and minerals, the invention of the modern day conditioner and most importantly, the revolutionary idea of treating hair with protein.

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    Our Experts

    Our experts translate latest trends and technologies into innovative products. Fraser Bell, our Science Insights Leader, is at the forefront of global proteomic studies, mapping the protein need of each hair type to identify which ingredients deliver the best results.

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    Our Ingredients

    Taking its inspiration from nature, Nexxus uses advanced scientific methods to source proteins to enrich our products. Once developed, these products work to restore and replenish every hair type.