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Effortless Style That Lasts & Weightless Protection That Stays

Get the TikTok-worthy looks you love while keeping hair protected from damage with our proprietary STYLEPROTECT™ Technology. This 11-piece styling line features everything you need to take your style to the next level while keeping hair healthy.

The entire Nexxus Styling Line collection is shown against a shiny, rose-gold background.
A model is shown with a sleek updo while holding Nexxus Slick Stick.


Ready to make a splash on #HairTok? Take your look to new heights with hairstyles that wow, all while keeping hair protected from damage. Effortlessly achieve looks that are trending using just one product or a combination of several from the collection. Every product is totally buildable and never sticky! Get your camera ready.

A closeup shot of bubbles is shown against a rose-gold background.


Maintain healthy hair no matter where your looks take you! Our proprietary STYLEPROTECT™ Technology encapsulates each strand weightlessly with the protection it needs to prevent damage while also increasing the lasting power of your style. Looks that last all day shouldn’t come at a sacrifice to your hair health.

The entire Nexxus Styling Line collection is shown against a shiny, rose-gold background.


You've heard of capsule collections for clothes, but how about for haircare? Our 11-piece ensemble is a must-have for hitting every hair trend you love – from a 90s, voluminous blowout and cashmere curls to the must-have clean-girl, sleek bun and hair that sparkles and shines like glass – all while keeping hair oh-so healthy! The Nexxus Styling Line is your new go-to collection for getting the looks you love while protecting hair from damage.

Three models are shown with different hairstyles: one with a sleek updo, one with long curls, and one with long waves. 

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