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It’s all about the proteins. At Nexxus, we use proteomics (science that studies proteins) to find the right protein blends to restore hair, according to each type or level of damage. Each of our formula has the right concentration of proteins to bring your hair back to its most beautiful state.

To have the best results, it’s important to use our products as a system. All products have been crafted to take on different roles. All Nexxus  shampoos are silicone-free. Custom crafted, they rebalance hair by rebuilding broken bonds and replenishing nutrients within leaving hair responsive. Nexxus conditioners restore the protective barrier, leaving hair balanced and flexible.

At Nexxus we call this balance the perfect equilibrium.

Nexxus ranges contain a combination of proteins and replenish deep within.

- EMERGENCEÉ™ Protein blend contains Marine Collagen and Hydrolised Elastin
- Nutritive, Oil Infinite and Youth Renewal Protein Blend contains Hydrolised Keratin, Elastin and Wheat protein.

Protein Care active ingredients rebuild broken bonds reinforcing hair's protein structure for stronger, reinforced hair. They are used in all Nexxus Shampoos.

Nexxus shampoos are silicone-free to avoid weighing down hair. Nexxus conditioning and post-wash products contain micro-silicones as they are very effective to make hair feel luxuriously smooth, soft and moisturized. Silicone also helps hair feel cleaner and easier to comb by reducing friction.

Micro-Silicones are very small and light silicones that intelligently deposit only where they are needed on the hair fibre, so hair is not overloaded and moves with seamless fluidity. They are used in Nexxus conditioners*.

* with the exception of Youth Renewal Conditioner.

Yes, Nexxus products contain a small amount of salt to help achieve a nice product texture. This salt content (much smaller than ocean seawater) will not interfere with your hairstyling or keratin hair treatments. In fact, many Nexxus products also contain keratin as part of the Protein Blend.

Nexxus has minimized SLES levels to have truly mild formulas, yet with efficient cleansing and foaming properties. There is no technical evidence why Nexxus products with SLES should not be used with keratin treated hair.

Yes, Nexxus uses Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLES). SLES is a surfactant or cleansing agent, which is used in many cosmetic products for its excellent cleansing and foaming properties.

Shampoos having a high level of surfactants (such as sulfate ones) could damage coloured hair. Nexxus has minimized SLES levels to have truly mild formulas, yet with efficient cleansing and foaming properties.

Fragrances used in Nexxus ranges have a distinctive signature: a delicate balance of floral feminity and warm oriental sophistication:

- Nexxus Nutritive, Oil Infinite and Youth Renewal ranges have a pampering oriental fusion scent incorporating woody and creamy floral notes of Magnolia and Jasmin.

- Nexxus Emergenceé™ range has an oriental gourmand scent structured around a floral oriental heart with Cherry Blossom and Waterlily notes.

We do not test our products on animals and are committed to ending animal testing. Unilever has complied with the EU animal testing bans for cosmetics since 2004 and supports calls for similar bans to be introduced globally.

Since the 1980s, Unilever has remained at the forefront of research into non-animal approaches to assess product safety, and we advocate effective, science-based regulation on alternatives to animal testing that ensure consumer safety and facilitate innovation. 

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