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Nexxus Collections


Hair is up to 90% protein. Everyday washing, heating and styling, damage the hair fibres, weakening the protein structure and resulting in frizz, dullness and dryness. All of our collections are enriched with pure proteins, bringing your hair back to its most beautiful state.
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  • Unbreakable Care Collection
    Unbreakable Care

    Nexxus Unbreakable Care™ Hair Collection is designed for fine hair, strengthening each strand from within for fuller-looking hair and 97% less breakage.

  • Therappe & Humectress

    Nexxus nutritive system for dry hair leaves hair revitalized without weighing it down giving it flexibility and suppleness every day.

  • Keraphix Collection

    Nexxus Keraphix is specifically designed for severely damaged hair. Infused with our exclusive PROTEINFUSION™ with Keratin Protein and Black Rice, it visibly heals signs of damage with the first use.

  • Diametress Collection

    The Nexxus Diametress range contains volumizing hair products for women who want more from their hair. This collection is enriched with Green Tea Extract and proteins extracted from nature. Create the kind of healthy volume and flowing movement that turns heads.

  • Colour Assure Collection

    Keeps hair vibrant for up to 40 washes. Formulated with our PROTEINFUSION™ blend with elastin protein and quinoa, Color Assure replenishes your hair with nutrients and protein building blocks it loses during the coloring process.

  • Nexxus Clean & Pure hair care collection

    Discover Nexxus Clean & Pure. Protein-rich hair care that gently cleanses, purifies and nourishes your hair by removing product and oil build-up.