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How to repair damaged hair in 4 easy steps

We put our hair through a lot on a daily basis– straightening, blow drying, curling. We can see and feel damage that we’re doing to the outside of the hair, but do you ever wonder what damage is going on inside the fiber, out of sight?

“The Emergencée Reconstructing Treatment was the first Nexxus New York Salon Care product designed to strengthen hair before, during and after chemical treatments, making it possible to do multiple processes in one day–something which ordinarily would cause irreparable damage.” —Nexxus Global Creative Director Kevin Mancuso.

If your hair is over processed, or you’ve gone heavy on styling, this four-step system is a stand-out in the industry with formulas enriched with our highest concentration of protein, marine collagen and elastin, to reinforce the hair fiber and help restore your hair’s natural integrity.

After just one use, the flexibility of hair is improved and breakage is dramatically reduced. After repeated use, studies show the repair is so intensive that resilience of the internal structure is even greater than that of untreated, natural hair. It’s not just the formula that makes Emergencée stand out as a go-to choice for damaged hair, it is also the very important four step process it calls for.

#1. The first part of the treatment is washing with Emergencée Rebalancing Shampoo Emergencée Rebalancing Shampoo. Enriched with concentrated protein, our silicone-free Emergencée Rebalancing Shampoo cleanses while delivering protein care active ingredients into the hair fibre. Get a rich lather going and rinse to prepare your hair for treatment.
#2. The second key (and very important) step in the process is the Emergencée Reconstructive Mask Emergencée Reconstructive mask. Enriched with Marine Collagen and Concentrated Elastin Protein, the Nexxus Emergencée Mask protects against hair damage as Step 2 in the Nexxus Emergencée Collection. This step should be done once a week to fortify hair that has been affected by chemical treatments and thermal styling. After washing with Emergencée Shampoo, cover your hair completely in the product and leave it in for 5 minutes. Rinse.
#3. Shampoo again with Emergencée Rebalancing Shampoo and rinse.
#4. The last step is a great hair conditioner. The Emergencée Restoring Conditioner Emergencée Restoring Conditioner reinforces the cuticle wall, reducing breakage and giving damaged hair renewed resilience. Lastly, you’ll rinse one final time. As far as unique hair textures go, Emergencée works for everyone—curly, fine, thick, straight, thin, bleached, ombred… While returning your hair to a healthy state, it can and will banish dullness, dramatically improving flexibility and reducing breakage, unlocking hair with strength and natural movement. So the big question: does it live up to the expectations? Our answer is yes. xx, Nexxus



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