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Why You Should Add Protein to Your Healthy Hair Diet

Each day, you are bombarded with hair-damaging culprits such as heat styling, chemicals, and the environment. These aggressors are contributors to protein loss, leaving hair dry, coarse, dull, and frizzy. At Nexxus, we've devoted ourselves to making sure every day is a good hair day with the right ProteinFusion blend of precious ingredients extracted from nature. To do so, we use Proteomics, a science that maps the structure of hair proteins to identify which ones have been depleted.

Hair is made up of proteins — there are over 50 different types — but keratin comprises the majority of them; it’s what keeps the hair shaft protected from everyday stress. That’s why, through Proteomics, we’ve determined that fixing damaged hair is not one-size-fits-all — different types of processes cause hair to lose specific proteins, thus causing different types of damage.

We all naturally lose small amounts of keratin over time, but that loss cycle kicks into overdrive when we factor in heat styling, chemical salon processes, and pollution. Without proper protection or repairing treatments, hair is compromised and weakened.


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    Nexxus hair expert

    STEP 1:

    Through Proteomics, our scientists have identified how and why protein loss happens — developing products that can help replenish the strength, shine, and vibrancy your hair was meant to have.

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    Model with visibly healthy and strong hair

    STEP 2:

    The reason for the change was fairly simple. Stars (they're just like us) also get bored with their hair colour! "I recently cut my hair, and thought 'I just want the exact opposite of what I have," Leighton said. "I want to try something completely drastic and different, and I thought this is the right moment to do it. You know when you just get it in your mind and you have to do it?" To get her hair in top shape for the new hue, Leighton used Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Mask ($5), which contains Keratin protein to strengthen the strands, and Keraphix Damage Healing Hair Reconstructing Treatment ($15) to add protein back to her hair.


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