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  1. Common Hair Problems: chlorine

    Problem: You floated on your swan raft a little too long.


    No matter what colour your hair is, chlorine can wreak havoc on processed hair and make your hair susceptible to breakage.

    Solution: Rinse your hair immediately after leaving the pool and wash with a gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner as soon as you can

  2. Common Hair Problems: knotty hair

    Problem: You dove into the ocean and now your hair is one big knot.


    Salt from the ocean adheres to hair, roughs up strands, and causes them to stick together.

    Solution: Pack a leave-in conditioner spray, like the Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing Leave-In Spray Humectress Moisturizing Leave-In Spray, in your beach bag. Spritz it on liberally, and then gently comb through your hair.

  3. Common Hair Problems: breakage

    You’re putting your hair up A LOT.


    Wearing your hair up day after day, in the same ponytail, can cause serious breakage.

    Solution: Go ahead, rock your ponytail. Just switch up your elastic to one that’s less likely to cause breakage, like a flat elastic instead of a skinny elastic band.

  4. Common Hair Problems: weak hair

    You’re washing a little too aggressively


    “A lot of people get in trouble when they wash their hair every day because they aren't being as gentle as they need to be,” Minar says. “When your hair is wet, it’s at its weakest state and the most susceptible to breakage.”

    Solution: Be gentle and moisturize. In the shower, use a shampoo spiked with hydrating oils and proteins to strengthen hair.