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Your Journey to Beautiful Hair

Our hair plays a great role in our lives and the reasons are pretty simple: 1. Hair is personal. It grows directly out of our bodies. 2. It’s on view for all to see, there’s no hiding it and it’s a part of the first impressions we give to the world. 3. It’s malleable, it’s something we have control and power over. It’s up to us to change it, to sculpt it into something we are proud of, something we are confident about. It’s unsurprising that our hair is a part of our everyday identity…


“Women are becoming more reliant on restoring and retaining the natural beauty of their hair in a balanced way. They are more reliant on a great cut, in optimizing movement.” —Nexxus Global Creative Director Kevin Mancuso

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    Model leaning back with smooth, visibly healthy hair

    Because our hair is such a powerful indicator of our identity, keeping it healthy should be one of our top priorities when it comes to self-care. This is something Nexxus has always understood and recognized. Our collections of scientifically advanced products are created to provide definitive results. Every step is undertaken with precision and every movement and motion exists for a reason: to achieve equilibrium for you and your hair. We understand that hair is not just hair and that the journey to beautiful hair is an important journey.

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    Nexxus Salon

    This journey starts the moment you walk through the salon doors. You’ll find: An interactive mirror, capable of capturing the journey of your hair’s protein restoration. Intelligent, ergonomic treatment chairs designed by industry expert Takara Belmont; key design pieces Restorative, protein-enriched products that work to restore and replenish every hair type. We want to celebrate you and we want your journey to beautiful hair to be one to remember, one that you are proud of, one that you can be confident in.