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    It's safe to say that any major hair transformation will require a certain degree of care and upkeep. Perhaps the addition of an ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, an extra spritz of heat protectant, or a weekly hair mask ritual (our personal favourite.) However, when it comes to bleach, well, that's another beast entirely—especially if you're pulling a noir to platinum change-up à la Kim Kardashian West.

    The universal key to success? Protein—lots of it. Stylist after stylist has warned against bleach's inevitably destructive nature (it aggressively strips the hair's natural protein stores). Thus, pre- and post- bleach, supplementing your go-to hair routine with protein-rich products and treatments is vital to preserving your hair's integrity. And apparently, even Kim Kardashian West's infamous strands are not immune.

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    On a quest to repair her recently bleached strands with a much-needed dose of TLC (Tender Loving Care), Kim K took to the streets (and her Instagram) to document her most recent strand saviour: the Nexxus Emergencée Protein Treatment ($22). With a super-affordable price-point (and hair-loving ingredient list), it definitely intrigued us.

    To show Nexxus some love for her healthy platinum locks, the television star stopped by the brand's New York City Salon and said of her experience: “Oh, no big deal, just came into the Nexxus store. My hair being bleached, I have to get this new Emergencée [Reconstructive] protein Treatment ($20). So excited.”

    Nexxus Emergencée Reconstructing Treatment ($19) Just bleached your strands? Do like Kim and try incorporating a quality protein-boost into your routine.


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